4 SaaS Ideas that’ll Blossom in 2022 and Beyond

SaaS Ideas

There is no denying that the cloud market will continue to be a giant in 2022, and that its most prominent players, such as Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce cannot be overlooked. Software distribution via the cloud, like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, has invaded the technology world and is not about to fade away anytime soon. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work even more crucial for businesses to survive and succeed.


Because of this, value-added SaaS solutions have risen significantly in demand. So rather than regretting missed opportunities in the future, it is better to ride this wave now.

To assist startups in 2022 with cloud-based solutions, we have prepared a list of the hottest SaaS ideas.


Why should startups consider building SaaS  Ideas applications?

In 2022, Statista estimates that SaaS businesses will be worth almost $172 billion. This means that SaaS applications are only going to become more popular. Moreover, SaaS will soon become one of the most popular business models.


There is a clear correlation here. A SaaS idea that attracts more customers gains more value due to the direct network effect. Aside from direct network effects, indirect network effects also promote non-user adoption.

2022 will see a boom in SaaS ideas


In 2022, we’re going to explore what SaaS ideas will blossom.


Cryptocurrency exchange


Today, more and more people are becoming interested in digital currencies. Consequently, they search the internet for the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, building a SaaS crypto exchange for trading virtual currencies is one of the best SaaS project ideas.
Value: The purpose of a crypto exchange is to allow people to buy, sell, and convert cryptocurrencies. Presently, virtual currencies are traded on these platforms at a massive scale, which is why they are essential.
Example: Binance is an exchange platform where users can trade virtual currencies. Since its launch in 2017, this platform has gained the trust of millions of traders around the world. A subscription fee is charged by the company for the SaaS product. Additionally, it charges investors trading commissions.



NFT marketplaces


The NFT market is booming nowadays. Therefore, creating an NFT marketplace platform is a hot SaaS product idea for 2022. Non-Fungible Tokens are units of data that create a digital representation of unique items. The medium can include paintings, photos, videos, music, or gifs. In other words, any content that is unique.


Value: Innovation and unique tech solutions can be generated by developing an NFT SaaS-based marketplace.


Example: OpenSea has the largest total value of digital assets of any NFT marketplace in the world. Over 120 million people visit this platform each month. Additionally, the company raised $300 million in new venture capital in January 2022 for being one of the newest SaaS-based technology cloud product development ideas. It is estimated that OpenSea is worth $13.3 billion at present.


The variety of categories in OpenSea is one of its peculiarities. Some of the most popular groups are related to sports, art, and artists’ projects.




With micro-SaaS, users can save both time and money. There has been a recent trend toward micro-SaaS solutions, which are smaller versions of existing SaaS products. Essentially, you shrink the classic SaaS business platform to the point where it becomes a “micro platform.”
In addition to being affordable, such an approach is also scalable. However, a micro-SaaS idea must be reimagined if it takes over six to eight weeks to develop.


Value: Micro-SaaS is leveraged to fill a feature that is missing or disables unnecessary features for a reasonable fee. Micro-SaaS businesses target a specific niche or problem in the crowded market.


Example: Linkody is a micro-SaaS that aims to better meet customer needs. This is a tool for finding and building links to websites. There are a number of metrics that help you determine if your backlink profile is in good health and what Google might consider as a ranking factor.


The dashboard of Linkody shows you the overall SEO metrics for your site once you’ve signed up. Furthermore, Linkody’s report shows Moz’s score for each link pointing to your site. The micro-SaaS business, founded in 2011, currently generates $12K in monthly revenue.


Investing tools


After the pandemic, many understand how important investing is, since it protects the budget from inflation. Investors often have trouble determining whether a company’s current valuation makes it a bargain to purchase. Thus, investments can also be used to implement profitable SaaS ideas in 2022.


Value: Applications for stock market valuation can help predict growth rates, interest rates, as well as dividends. As a result, traders and investors can improve their future trades by analyzing their previous trades. Due to the application’s accumulated experience, such analysis will be easy.


Example: Investing.com is a SaaS development framework that provides investors with live data, charting, stock, forex, and indices, as well as currency quotes. Aside from technical analysis and financial news, it also provides analytics and financial news.


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