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Product market fit is the secret sauce that makes a SaaS company great or relegates it to the chronicles of the past as ‘just another startup.’ DFY SaaS has experience working with acclaimed companies and startups in developing feature sets and new products that deliver unprecedented value.
Fool-Proof Formula

Finding Product Market Fit

Using extensive research, focus groups, and interviews, we carve a value proposition with a specific group of users in mind that guarantees successful product launches. Nobody can be 100% right all the time. However, DFY SaaS’s data-driven approach ensures that errors are made early, cheap, and never happen again. It means we’re ready to create value with product market fit pyramid.

To date, we have successfully grown dozens of early-stage companies across various industries and a variety of products. We are committed to working with entrepreneurs, companies, and startups who want to develop the next-gen of SaaS products. Joining hands with us means hitting upon the fool-proof product market fit formula that successful startups have figured out.


Product Market Fit Pyramid

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Validates Your Ideas

Finding product market fit helps entrepreneurs validate and lay the groundwork of their aspiring idea and pave the way for running a successful SaaS business.

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Meet Users Needs

It shows whether your product has the features or elements that can meet your target audience’s expectations without letting things run off the rails.

connect with investors

Demographic Verification

With PMF startup, it becomes easier to validate what demographics one should care about when it comes to SaaS products/services and, more importantly, why.

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Persuade Prospects

Leveraging superhuman product market fit, one can also find out how to grasp prospects’ attention and convince them to buy your SaaS product without ado.


With New Product Launch

Our impeccable product market fit services greatly help you with a new product launch and make it a success. We use different approaches to ensure your product proves to be a good market fit. It can begin by defining user roles and responsibilities or with an intensive analysis of your SaaS product or services.

Using a specific set of services, we help you as a product launch agency to create a strategy that will ensure your prospects will turn into paying users.

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Feature Prioritization
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Value Mapping
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UI & UX Design
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Pricing Analysis
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Unrestricted Operations

Ready to Achieve Product Market Fit the Lean Way?

If you’re insatiably curious and believe that achieving product market fit is a team sport, then you are in
the right place to build something great.

Finding Product Market Fit

We follow a clear methodology that yields powerful results.

Begins with Strategy

Gather requirements & brainstorm a new product strategy.

Ensured with Analysis

 Use intensive analysis to inform product value mapping.

Refining UX & Design

Offer unrivaled insights into what works & what doesn’t.

Know Decision Criteria

Develop a better understanding of users’ decision criteria.




Got Questions? Look in Here

The product market fit is used for:
Identifying target customers
Understanding customer needs
Specifying your MVP feature set
Knowing what you’re offering as a value proposition
Creating MVP prototype
Testing MVP prototype with potential users

Below are the key metrics that you can consider when striving to achieve product market fit:
PMF Survey – Find out how disappointed users would be without your solution.
Churn Rate – Do potential users want to stick with you or not.
Net Promoter Score – Figure out how much users like your product.
Growth Rate – Discover how many users your product can attract.

Here is the process to find product market for your SaaS product:
Firstly, align your product goals.
Devise a product hypothesis.
Give priority to the product hypothesis.
Obtain feedback from 5 customers.
Use MVPs to place small bets.
Gauge market traction.

Product market fit outlines a scenario in which the target customers of a company are buying, using, and telling others about that company’s product in large enough numbers to sustain the profitability and growth of that product.

Here are the common examples of product market fit:
40% Rule – Use to gauge the impact of a product on the market.
Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Use to determine the number of people willing to recommend your product.
Customer Lifetime Value – Use to identify the financial worth of each user or customer.
Returning Visitors – It shows the returning visitors who may or may not buy from you — at least, not at first.

It is essential because PMF startup allows us to determine whether or not the product we are building can solve a real-world problem that many people are facing.


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