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One of the lucrative features of Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions is frequent updates to the software. But handling SaaS application upgrades is not a cakewalk. You need a reliable and skillful team like DFY SaaS to upgrade application. So, your users can enjoy the updates to the software.
Upgrade Application

Realize your Technology Potential

UIt’s inevitable to upgrade SaaS software in the rapidly changing business environment. Unfortunately, not everyone values your business and money when it comes to upgrading your SaaS application and improving the user experience. An agile development methodology and expert team will ensure your product upgrade is completed with the utmost efficiency and quality.
DFY SaaS can transform your business with its product up-gradation or AWS application migration service. Our experienced team has been upgrading and implementing SaaS solutions for many years. People who have the vision to cater to the growing audience, migrate their SaaS, or turn their on-premise app into SaaS, trust our quality development.


Product Upgrade

SaaS Application Development Services

Part of the Service

One of the biggest benefits of SaaS product upgrades is that upgrades are a part of the service. It means the very best software will always be at users' disposal.

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Running the Best Code

Since the vendors continuously get the opportunity to upgrade their SaaS software, you always get to run the best code. As a result, you never come across a bug.

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Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture

Having a multi-tenant SaaS architecture means upgrades can be released recurrently across the customer base. And these upgrades aren’t that complex or costly

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No Hidden Risks or Fear

Using SaaS solutions allows you to keep things simple and take hidden risks and fear out of continuous upgrades. Now that’s real value for any SaaS startups.


With New Product Launch

OWe know how challenging and frustrating a SaaS migration or application up-gradation can be. But when you have DFY SaaS by your side that has performed numerous upgrades, you can sit back and relax. We know a thing or two about updating SaaS and AWS application migration services. This is why we offer an up-gradation service for the most popular apps.
Take advantage of our repeatable methodology for upgrades and implementations to expedite the entire upgrade process.

  • Total Transformation
  • Gradual Replacement
  • Duct Tape Approach
  • Improve Existing
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Feature Prioritization
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Value Mapping
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UI & UX Design
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Pricing Analysis
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Unrestricted Operations

Ready to Upgrade SaaS Software with the Best Team of Engineers? 

If you’re insatiably curious and believe that SaaS migration or upgrade is a team sport, then you are in the
right place to build something great.

Upgrade SaaS Software

We follow a clear methodology that yields powerful results.

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We assess your current business and technical environment.

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Gap Analysis

 Discover the most prudent ways to achieve performance goals.

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Perform Upgrade

Enhance the software package by implementing identified fixes.

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A coordinated effort within the team to bring about the success.




Got Questions? Look in Here

Of course, adding new features boosts costs, but it also helps attract new users and help retain the existing ones. Why? Your SaaS product is designed to solve a problem. Adding a new feature that contributes to the solution will offer more value to the users. As a result, they will be more inclined to use your product.

Companies that lack the skill set or resources outsource the task to agencies or AWS application migration service providers like DFY SaaS. While others use their own in-house developers to upgrade applications.

Generally, software upgrades are segregated into application software and operating software. The operating software manages the hardware and creates the interface between the user and the hardware. In contrast, application software is a category of programs that does useful things for users.

  • Ensure future viability.
  • Provide unrestricted access every time.
  • Makes scalability affordable.
  • Promotes cost controlling strategies.
  • Paves way for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Lure new users and retain existing ones.
  • Allow for easy adoption.
  • To reduce vulnerability.
  • To ensure compatibility with other solutions.
  • To fix crashes and bugs.
  • To stay ahead of the competition.

The cost varies significantly as a lot depends on your business needs and requirements. Using our Budget Calculator, you can quickly determine the estimated cost of building a SaaS platform. If you need the exact price, call us at +1 416-203-6000 or shoot an email at [email protected]


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