How to Pick SaaS a App Development Company?


With the global revenue of SaaS companies expected to touch 143.7 billion by 2022, it stands as one of the largest segments in the public cloud services market. Clearly, this is an exciting time to tap into the potential of the market. Many companies and entrepreneurs are already working towards creating SaaS products to grab a chunk of this massive market and they are utilizing Best SaaS Application Development Services for future business. 

However, recognizing the need to create custom software or application is one thing; and embarking upon the mission to pick the best development team for your SaaS business is another. Because selecting the wrong team could leave you with a SaaS product that will be bug-riddled, too restrictive to expand, and unfit for your target customers. To help you avoid the costly pitfalls, we have outlined a recommended process to ensure you can efficiently evaluate your options.    

Determine Your Needs for Best SaaS Application Development

Before you divulge into finding the right development team, figure out your needs. It’s essential to understand what kind of software or features you need. Knowing the exact requirements makes the process of finding the right development company super easy. As a SaaS startup or a small-medium enterprise, it’s critical to determine your business goals by efficiently analyzing and evaluating the problems. 

Budget Your Goals 

Allocating a specific amount or budget is an important aspect. This way, you can shortlist the top software development companies according to the dedicated funding. It will prove helpful in narrowing down the long search list. 

Of course, good things don’t come cheap, but dedicating a budget and searching within your means is the best way forward. 

To build a stress-free budget, make sure the expected return on investment (ROI) should be equal to or higher than the investment. Budgeting your goals and finance will aid you to come up with a comprehensive list of software development agencies. 

Don’t Fall for the Cheap 

If you start filtering software companies based on price quotes, you are pretty likely to get confused in the end. Remember, the freelance developers that provide you with cheaper quotes are the ones you should never hire. Why? 

Low commitment is the biggest issue among remote freelance developers. Owing to the vast availability of projects and lack of contractual obligations, they can abruptly quit your project in favor of another. Or they can keep delaying your project until the deadlines start burning. Moreover, due to workload and irregular schedules, their response time to urgent requests is often way more than a dedicated offshore team or in-house employees. 

More importantly, transparency and security have never been a top priority for freelance developers. As a matter of fact, Risk Value reported in 2018 that about 60% of the respondents said that freelance employees are the weakest security link in an organization.    

Gauge Expertise in SaaS Development 

When you are looking to build a product for a specific niche, shortlist software companies with expertise in the respective area. Else, your business objectives won’t be met. Above all, the aim should be to hire a software development team with expertise in the desired technologies and tools because focusing on a specific tech stack is better than opting for wide specialization. Why? 

A technology stack is the core of your software or app’s performance, security, maintainability, and scalability. So, it’s crucial to find the right fit. That said, choosing a tech stack largely depends on the demands of a project. 

See Testimonials from Clients 

Another useful way to verify the credibility and reliability of a software or application development company is by seeing reviews from its clients. Today, the modern market provides numerous resources where you can find this information quite easily. 

One common resource could be the development agency’s website, where you can find honest feedback of the clients, industry recognition, and other metrics. 

Review Portfolios 

Reviewing the previous work of prospective development companies is another way to gauge work quality. Picking a company on the basis of the projects they have done in the past can prove advantageous since it will show that they have been there, and they have already done that. Nascent companies usually aren’t familiar with the challenges that crop up during the custom software development cycle. 

When reviewing portfolios, make sure to consider the size and scope of the projects. You will discern that most companies prefer to work on certain-sized projects. 

Ask About the Team Structure 

Developing SaaS products is a complex and demanding task. For this reason, you should give serious consideration to the choice of team. Mind you, when creating a product from scratch, you have to entrust the development team, so be sure to find the company that can bring your SaaS product to life.

Here’s what a typical SaaS application development team looks like:

  1. Project manager
  2. UI/UX designers
  3. Front-end and Back-end developers
  4. DevOps
  5. Quality Assurance (QA) engineers

With the right team, you will be able to cover all the important aspects of SaaS software development. 

Offshore or Onshore Partnership 

Now that you know what exactly you need to look for; it’s time to decide between hiring a local software development firm or sending your SaaS project overseas. It’s a common struggle among SaaS businesses. 

Keeping the costs and the current health crisis in mind; the offshore partnership seems to be the best option for SaaS startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. Since they have flexible options that enable you to scale up or down the development team as and when needed. Also, there are no long-term contracts, which means you won’t get stuck in an agreement if you end up engaging a low-quality development team. 

As far as collaboration is concerned, innovative communication tools have resolved that problem by fostering team cohesion in many ways.  



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