SaaS Development Company or Freelancers – Which One?

The biggest debate that every company faces when developing new products and projects is: Should we hire a professional SaaS development company or a freelancer?

Working with freelancers or SaaS development agencies both has its merits. But ultimately, your decision depends on your objectives and the kind of services you require. Whatever the case, the debate is fairly complex, and making a decision can be challenging. So, we have outlined a few pros to help you decide whether to hire freelancers or professional SaaS development agencies.

However, before making any decisions, first, ask yourself these questions about the project at hand:

  • How do I envision my finished product?
  • What is the complexity of my project?
  • What is my budget for SaaS development?
  • Do I need an internal project manager to oversee the process?

This information allows you to evaluate each alternative based on its pros. For this post, we will assume that both options (the freelancer and the SaaS development agency) provide top-notch service.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional SaaS Development Company 

  • Lowers Overall Project Cost

Hiring a Software development company could lower the overall project cost for the client. The teams would consist of members with varying levels of expertise, such as junior, middle, and senior developers. So, there is no need to overpay a senior developer if a junior developer can efficiently handle the tasks. 

  • In-Depth Involvement

As a result of their corporate culture, agencies are more likely to become deeply involved in projects. Furthermore, they align their goals with the client’s.

  • Defines the Project Scope & Requirements

A client could obtain help from the SaaS development company in determining the requirements and scope of a project. It can be especially advantageous for the SaaS Development. HOW? It could be client’s first project of this type, but the agency could have already worked on a similar project.

  • Help Scale the SaaS Project 

In addition to assisting with scaling the project, companies can also provide consulting services. For example, if the agency has already worked on a similar project, it could point out functionalities that should be improved or removed.

  • Better Legal Protection & Ongoing Support 

The client usually has better legal protection when working with an agency. Unlike freelancers, SaaS development companies are registered. In addition, most agencies provide ongoing support to clients based on their project needs.

  • Get a Dedicated Team Manager

A Software development company usually assigns a dedicated project manager who knows every member’s skills, tech stack, pace, and strengths. Thus, the manager’s estimates on a project would be more accurate.

  • Meet Deadlines Quickly & Efficiently 

Professional companies can accurately predict the time and resources needed since they have a defined workflow. This is extremely important for SaaS founders who want to accomplish their goals on time and within budget. So, professional agencies will be able to meet your deadlines quickly if you are working to a strict deadline.

  • Smooth Communication 

Communications within the agencies are smoother and more efficient due to a division of responsibilities. Clients typically communicate with an agency manager, who coordinates the team’s work.

  • Clearly Defined Processes 

Defined spheres of responsibility make it easy to identify the root cause and person responsible for solving a specific issue. Moreover, since one team manages everything instead of several freelancers, the final product is more polished and consistent.

  • Scale Up or Down Your Team Anytime 

With agencies, you can switch from one talent to another as the project evolves. Alpha development is likely to be done by the same developers who worked on the beta. They know the product well, so we will not have to transfer the knowledge and research.

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Developer:

  • Specialization in a Specific Field 

Often, professionals choose to work as freelancers because they are remarkably talented in a specific niche. For example, hire a freelancer who is up to the task if you need an interactive video or illustration.

  • More Cost-Efficient 

Freelancers are usually less expensive than professional agencies since they have less overhead. But it is essential to know that you get what you pay for. So bear in mind that outsourcing to more than one freelancer can quickly accumulate significant expenses.

  • The Flexibility of Being a Freelancer

The flexibility of freelancers is also a subjective benefit. Since we deal with highly qualified individuals, they can build their schedules around your needs and priorities.

At DFY SaaS, we offer clients customized solutions with the flexibility of a freelancer by aligning ourselves with their operations. This way, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: the experience of a professional SaaS development company and the agility of a freelancer. Get a better understanding of our unique approach by scheduling a free no-obligation meeting today.

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