SaaS North 2022 is DFY SaaS’s Next Stop

Ontario, November 16, 2022 /PR – With the success of Web Summit in the rearview mirror, DFY SaaS is ready to travel to Ottawa to attend SaaS North 2022. CEO Usman Tariq will represent the agency at the premier in-person SaaS conference in Canada from November 16 – 17, 2022, to foster new partnerships and build meaningful networking contacts with SaaS founders and investors. In addition, the chief executive will attend some curated sessions at the SaaS North that are as epic as our ambitions.

It’s a terrific opportunity for founders and investors keen to build, launch, or scale their SaaS quickly and efficiently to connect with DFY SaaS and exchange ideas around Canada’s most vibrant tech ecosystem. The anticipation is already at an all-time high, as our executive is set to rub shoulders with the next big generation of founders and leading investors in the SaaS space.

Each year SaaS North brings together thousands of attendees along with hundreds of companies and speakers for a transformative professional experience. This year, it is expected to be even bigger and better as people from the SaaS industry will converge to learn and connect with world’s top experts, unicorns, and other mythical beings.

Networking, sharing tips, and even matchmaking (from the point of view of investments) are all part of the agenda. Good ideas will be chased by more dollars than ever before. It’s good for startups looking to raise capital at a favorable valuation, sometimes even before generating revenue. However, investing in this market is challenging from an investor’s perspective. But that’s where DFY SaaS comes into play and helps bridge the gap between investors and highly vetted investment opportunities by identifying quality startups.

About DFY SaaS

DFY SaaS enables you to build, launch, and scale SaaS solutions with confidence. Apart from offering startups and tech giants a unique perspective, the Toronto-based agency also helps them grow their businesses. Details, transparency, and open communication are at the heart of our company’s philosophy. It’s all done without blowing your budget or overrunning your schedule. The result is reduced project costs and faster time to market.

Struggling to Get Your SaaS Idea Off the Ground

DFY SaaS can help you avoid costly pitfalls by building in the right way from the start, so you can go the extra mile and increase your chances for success.

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