Team DFY SaaS Attending Toronto Cybersecurity Conf

The Toronto Cybersecurity Conference is returning to Canada on the 15th of September 2022, and our founder, Usman Tariq, and VP of Marketing Diacre Bayishime will be at the one-day event. See them at The Westin Harbor Castle on Thursday to get expert advice, discuss specific app and software development needs, and access executive-level insights into the modern digital landscape.  

Our executives will be there for one-on-one meetings and share the solutions that could potentially solve your SaaS security concerns. These business meetings aren’t exclusive and will be held to meet your preferences. So, don’t be shy. Reach out for in-depth discussions and explore new opportunities for collaboration. 

Organized by Data Connectors Cybersecurity Community, the conference focuses on how cyber security is evolving. To your surprise, it is evolving at a breakneck pace. That’s why tech companies must stay ahead of the curve and join hands with agencies like DFY SaaS that deliver proven SaaS security solutions, proactively manage risks, simplify cloud security operations and empower security teams to take timely and impactful actions.   

Toronto Cybersecurity Conference 2022

It is one of the most promising cybersecurity events 2022 that will be attended by a high number of people from across the globe. The one-day conference will follow the sun and start with top speakers from the USA and Canada who specializes in cyber security and intelligence. 

The premier interdisciplinary platform aims to bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, and practitioners to discuss and share the latest trends, concerns, and innovations adopted to encounter cyber security challenges and prepare organizations for the future. 

The Toronto Cybersecurity Conference will also provide networking opportunities to great businesses. It’s a terrific chance to position yourself at the center of influence and nurture mutually beneficial relationships. Additionally, you can connect with a large and diverse group of attendees who will gladly help or do business with you. 

With tons of speakers ready to share their knowledge and experience, you will greatly benefit from exceptional learning opportunities. Discuss the issues that truly matter and learn from the Q&A session conducted by industry experts. The session topics will pinpoint critical problems and challenges rather than overwhelming you with information that will turn you into a champion security expert. 

Similar to other Toronto conferences 2022, the organizers of this event Data Connectors Cybersecurity Community have also ensured that their attendees get access to profiles of companies attending the conference. As a result, solution providers and seekers will be well aware of the expectations and requirements of the targeted parties way before coming to the event. 


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