Where, When, and How – Collision Conference 2023

More than 240 global partners, 790 investors, 1,500 startups, and 33,000+ attendees from around the world gathered in Toronto, Canada, at the Collision Conference 2022 and turned it into the most successful event in North America. Four consecutive days were spent discussing and sharing the latest technology that is changing the world with creators, developers, investors, and even celebrities.
A three-year wait for Collision’s first live North American event was finally over with a bang after 24 months of COVID-induced digital conferences. Ticket sales for attendees sold out one week in advance, while the exhibitor slate was filled 30 days prior to the Collision Industry Conference 2022. From 25,711 attendees in 2019 to 35,562 in 2022 Collision Conference Toronto, the event has grown by 40 percent.


Why Should You Attend Collision Conference 2023?


Following the roaring success of the 2022 event, Collision announced the dates and registration for its 2023 edition immediately. Toronto’s Enercare Centre will host the next in-person tech industry conference from 26 to 29 June 2023, and it is likely to attract over 35,000 trade visitors and companies from around the world. Early birds can save a flat 50% on Collision Conference 2023 tickets by registering for their flash sale. The 4-day intensive conference will once again bring together global tech giants, SMEs, and top-tier investors. 


The Collision Conference 2023 will provide you with the opportunity to meet peers and mentors in a variety of sectors of the technology industry. Additionally, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal will cover the Collision Conference Schedule, providing excellent exposure and lead generation opportunities. Six main segments will be covered at Collision 2023: 


  • Marketing and Media 
  • Developers and Data 
  • Business Development 
  • Commerce 
  • Society 
  • Lifestyle 


A number of conference stages, workshops for entrepreneurs and startups, roundtables, and Q&A sessions will be hosted at Collision Conference 2023. Seth Rogen will be one of the stars at next year’s Collision Experiences, where business leaders and celebrities will meet one-on-one. 


The DFY SaaS Team will Attend Collision Conference 2023


The DFY SaaS team, a software development agency focused on SaaS marketing and development, is very proud to announce that it will be attending Collision Conference 2023 from 19 to 22 June 2023 in Toronto, Canada. We will be represented by our Founder, Usman Tariq, and Vice President of Marketing, Diacre Bayishime, at North America’s fastest-growing tech conference.
We believe that it’s a great platform for companies and startups to share their success stories and visions. By doing so, they will be able to meet investors and key partners who share similar goals.
Representatives from DFY SaaS will look forward to:


  • Identify new opportunities for partnering with startups and organizations that seek professional assistance or technical resources.
  • Learn from inspiring keynotes and interactive sessions that provide the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed.
  • Enroll successful tech startups in our build-to-raise-funds program by connecting with the bold network of founders.

Struggling to Get Your SaaS Idea Off the Ground

DFY SaaS can help you avoid costly pitfalls by building in the right way from the start, so you can go the extra mile and increase your chances for success.

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