Why Should Startups Outsource SaaS Application Development?

We all have seen Software as a Service (SaaS) flourishing swiftly, especially in commercial industries. It is one of the key segments of the cloud market with predicted growing revenues. It depicts that SaaS application development is allowing a greater scale of collaboration besides enhancing customer service and expediting the delivery process. 

Today, SaaS-performing companies are drenching the market. Thanks to the increased competition and ever-growing demand. 

According to the recent stats, SaaS initial public offerings (IPOs) have doubled in the past 12 years. Resultantly, the high-performing industries are growing their teams and resources with an astounding average of 56 percent per year. 

SaaS startups and companies now instantly want to make their products market fit to get ahead of the competition. Thereby, the industry is turning to outsource application development to gather market demands and embrace cost-effective techniques. 

Why Outsourcing Application Development is a Good Idea? 

While SaaS application is in the mainstream usage between varying industries, it isn’t an easy job. It requires a strong understanding and awareness of configurable security, partitioning, multi-tenancy, etc. 

Together all these requisites ensure that a proper SaaS app can be developed, which could be used to supply different consumers from different business verticals. So, downright outsourcing application development won’t be a bad idea to fulfill your business goals. In turn, you will reap a number of benefits, including: 

  • Immediately increase your revenue margins. 
  • Get instant access to big pools of top developers. 
  • Quickly recruit developers and fill the skills gap in your team. 
  • Scale up or down your team without bearing liabilities of permanent in-house staff.  
  • Reduce project costs and time while enhancing your competitiveness. 
  • Demonstrate your ability to meet deadlines with Agile development methodology. 

But that’s just the thin end of the wedge. Let’s uncover the key benefits of partnering with an application development company. 

✓ Outsourcing Help SaaS Startups Save Money 

Newly funded business frequently looks to initiate with limited funds and resources, which is often a challenge to build a minimum viable product (MVP). Therefore, working with a SaaS application development company allow startups to develop a minimum viable product without spending a fortune.   

For instance, a startup that has outsourced its SaaS app development could begin testing its MVP in no time. And allow you to test the prototype thoroughly and check its alliance software without any major hiccups. 


✓ Enhance the Efficiency and Experience of App Development 

Finding and hiring new talent never makes much sense, especially when you know that it is an expensive and slow process. Additionally, it takes a lot of time to build a team following this procedure. In contrast, resources from the large talent pools allow you to scale up your team within a few days. Hence, working with a professional and reliable outsourcing partner can instantly give you access to various technical expertise.  

Besides providing highly skilled developers, SaaS application development companies also allow you to tap into the pool of expert product managers, UI/UX designers, and QA testers. Another advantage of engaging top talent through outsourcing is you can greatly benefit from their experience and advice. For example, your outsourcing team could help you choose significant SaaS features like email, a payment module, etc.  

Also, they can guide you on the website features that are created using the latest tech stack. 

✓ Find Affordable Developers through Outsourcing 

Hiring a new resource isn’t just a time-consuming and expensive process, and it is also challenging to find qualified developers—someone who has the skillset and pertinent knowledge to meet the everchanging needs of technology. 

You can also engage a SaaS Product development firm to handle other tasks such as automation, data management, and security management. Remember, overburdening your in-house staff or working with a small team will only hurt your reputation and revenue streams. Why? It will kill your team’s productivity and morale. So, work with a dependable outsourcing partner when you need to fill in the key roles.

✓ Satisfy the Market Demand Faster   

The ability to scale rapidly is just as important as growth to any company. But frankly speaking, the traditional rules of other industries don’t apply here. 

According to McKinsey & Company, the executives and financiers would be much happier if a health agency or firm reflects 20 percent annual growth. However, if a software firm grows at the same pace, there is a 92 percent chance that it will continue to operate for the next couple of years. Even if it continues to grow at 60% per year, there is still only a 50% chance that the company will surpass one billion in revenue.  

These stats clearly show that meeting market demands, and continuous updates are critical for SaaS companies. When you outsource application development, it empowers your startup to deploy new features without any hassle and stay ahead of the new competition in the market.  

Final Thoughts 

Considering the current scenario, outsourcing of SaaS development has become inevitable for startups and growing companies. Particularly the ones looking to save time, money, resource and yearn for quality output.

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