Why Your SaaS Development Company Should Use React?

React was first introduced in 2013 by Facebook, and since then, it has taken the app development world by storm. Known for creating dynamic user interfaces and robust web applications, ReactJS is an open-source framework and JavaScript library. Due to its component-based architecture, React is known for delivering high-performance apps with great user experiences.

According to the Statista survey, ReactJS is the most popular framework for developing web applications. In addition, more than 40% of developers worldwide prefer ReactJS for developing mobile and web apps. Based on those statistics, ReactJS is arguably the most popular framework for digital applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, GitHub, etc.

This blog will cover why a SaaS development company uses ReactJS and which are the most popular ReactJS apps. So, let’s begin!

Why Should Your SaaS Development Company Opt for ReactJS for Your SaaS Project?

Startups to large corporations, all types of businesses are using ReactJS development companies to build their business apps. React’s massive popularity is due to its unique features suitable for various business categories.

Check out the following reasons why your SaaS development company should consider developing a business app using ReactJS:

  • Quick Time to Market

Unlike other frameworks, ReactJS allows developers to quickly integrate new parts into the existing code structure by optimizing reusable components.

By reusing components, the development time is significantly reduced without affecting the quality of the code. Resultantly, the application can reach the market faster.

  • Cross-Platform Capabilities

The cross-platform capability of ReactJS is one of its greatest features. It is essential that your application captures people from both the Android and iOS markets since today’s world is filled with smartphones.

The ReactJS framework enables you to create apps that work on both iOS and Android. It allows for easy and faster development for both platforms. Because the same code applies to both platforms, making the development process more efficient.

  • Seamlessly Add Custom Components

Your SaaS development company can create components using JSX (JavaScript XML) that comes with ReactJS. In most cases, these components work with HTML quoting, which simplifies their rendering.

JSX allows developers to write custom components, create React element trees from HTML mockups, and develop high-volume applications effortlessly.

  • Third-Party Plugins 

You can find many React Native libraries online, and more will appear as time passes. 

A custom app built from scratch with an original software foundation can be expensive and time-consuming. Utilizing existing components will help you overcome this challenge. 

That’s where third-party plugins come in. This means you do not have to use Web View functions specific to these plugins. Instead, connect the plugin to a native module using React Native. 

The process can work in several ways. These options enable smoother loading and faster running. Additionally, it helps to manage memory better.

  • Improved Stability

The technological landscape is constantly evolving, and the apps that can keep up with changing trends are likely to thrive. As a result, businesses always search for a platform for developing applications that don’t become outdated over time.

ReactJS is great in this regard too. Thanks to the support of one of the most influential companies globally, Facebook. In addition, its large community constantly updates its versions to ensure it remains up to date with the latest development challenges.

  • Rapid Rendering

A large and complex application needs a way to render the page quickly, so its performance doesn’t suffer. And consequently, the user experience remains seamless.

To achieve this, ReactJS includes the Virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which permits developers to test and modify it immediately. According to a top SaaS development company, this dramatically improves the user experience and enhances the app’s efficiency.

  • Streamlined Testing Process

ReactJS provides tools such as react-di and Babel to observe code outputs and test functions. Thus, testing procedures streamlines, and developers can develop web and mobile applications that are high-quality and bug-free.

  • Availability of Developers

The large community and availability of developers is another reason to use React Native. A robust online community attributes to the fact that Facebook backs React Native. Facebook engineers are constantly updating the platform.

With JavaScript, several new experts can quickly develop React Native apps. As a mature language with an extensive range of applications, JavaScript allows new developers to master it more quickly.

A React Native application allows you to build or work with smaller teams of designers, developers, QAs, and testers. Smaller units are said to be more innovative and engaged, making React Native an excellent preference.

Wrapping Up 

All in all, react is a complete package when it comes to developing SaaS or other business apps. It ensures quality and stable app development for both Android and iOS platforms. So, you should seriously consider hiring React developers or React SaaS development companies to meet your desired needs and expectations.  

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