Here are Some Impressive SaaS Projects We have Worked on in the Past

Discover how businesses like yours achieved success with DFY SaaS. Check out our case studies and know what the hype is all about.

KIJENGA – Market Place

The free platform is the best way to find professional contractors and expert advice for renovation in Saskatoon and nearby areas.

Shop Kijenga – Market Place

Kijenga, a unique marketplace, facilitates the hiring of plumbers at affordable prices to meet and exceed customer expectations.

MdM and GP Answers

Microsoft monitors quality and compatibility data is an excellent solution to identify operating system issues before they affect machines.

Tutor Finder

The UK-based SaaS platform provides the opportunity to become a tutor or find the right teacher for kids in your vicinity.

Get well 3

An online platform that provides weight loss coaching and personalized eating plans to achieve optimum health and prevent chronic diseases.

Theta Healing

A platform to practice and train modern meditation techniques using spiritual philosophy to enhance and evolve mind, body, and spirit.

Auto Careers

The professional jobs network helps uncover exciting job openings, helpful advice, and fantastic career options across the US and Canada.

Auto Moto HR

The automoto jobs network is a one-stop hassle-free solution for recruiting, onboarding, and managing your employees.

Auto Moto Social

The social jobs network is a great way to find exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and fantastic companies in the US and Canada.


A one-click solution to stream live from your phone or website while keeping full ownership of the videos.

On-Demand Driver

An easy, affordable, same-day delivery solution that allows users to send and track items in a few clicks.

Service Buddy

The advanced app help service companies (like plumbers, electricians, Hvacs, etc.) streamline and optimize their entire field service management process.

Design My New Smile

The SaaS solutions is a masterstroke of React Native that connects you with the right dentist or clinic.


Save, compare, and book flights from the palm of your hand with this easy-to-navigate web application.


Simple ERP software designed exclusively for entrepreneurs to help them track their business growth easily.

Park My Cloud

The cloud-based SaaS platform enables IT firms to manage, govern, and optimize their spending across multiple public clouds.

Rapid Soft

A modern ERP system with mulitple modules to run the business process of small manufacturing units with ease.

Restaurant Genie

A powerful ordering system designed to increase restaurant revenue streams by allowing them to accept online orders.

Story Runway

DFY SaaS is honored to create a one-of-a-kind run-time video generation solution.

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